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The Intel C/C++ Compiler

 The Intel C++ Compiler 6.0 for Linux makes it easy to get outstanding
 performance from all Intel 32 bit processors, including the Pentium 4
 and Intel Xeon processors, and the 64-bit Intel Itanium processor. The
 Intel Compiler provides optimization technology, threaded application
 support, features to take advantage of Hyper-Threading technology,
 and compatibility with leading tools and standards to produce optimal
 performance for your applications. The Intel C++ Compiler delivers
 leading-edge performance and excellent compatibility, and comes with
 first-class customer support.

 To build this package you need to manually download the Intel C/C++
 Compiler from
 You can buy the compiler there or download a limited evaluation copy.
 Enter the absolute filenames of your icc licence file and the package
 file (cc010911rh71.tar) in the build Config.

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Author: The Intel Corporation
Maintainer: Clifford Wolf <>

License: Commercial
Status: Stable
Version: 6.0

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