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 This is the NET-SNMP distribution. This includes the SNMP library, many
 client applications, and supporting documentation. It is the continued
 development of CMU-SNMP and UCD-SNMP

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Author: Carnegie Mellon University
Maintainer: Clifford Wolf <>

License: OpenSource
Status: Stable
Version: 5.4.1

Download: net-snmp-5.4.1.tar.gz

Buildtime: 48699 (5) seconds (on reference hardware)
Buildtime: 50751 (9) seconds (on reference hardware)
Package Size: 5.99 MB, 300 files

Dependencies: 00-dirtree bash2 binutils bzip2 coreutils cvm diffutils
Dependencies: findutils gawk gcc42 gcc42:dev glibc26 glibc26:dev grep libelf:dev
Dependencies: linux26-headers:dev ltrace make mktemp net-tools openssl openssl:dev
Dependencies: patch pciutils:dev perl5 perl5:dev procps sed ssleay-perlmod sysfiles
Dependencies: tar tcp_wrappers:dev twoftpd ucspi-unix util-linux xmame

ROCK Sources:  head-tail.patchnet-snmp.cachenet-snmp.confnet-snmp.desc