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XFS filesystem utilities

 XFS is a journalling filesystem developed by SGI and used in
 SGI's IRIX operating system. It is now also available under GPL for
 linux. It is extremely scalable, using btrees extensively to support
 large and/or sparse files, and extremely large directories. The
 journalling capability means no more waiting for fsck's or worrying
 about meta-data corruption.
 This package contains the utilities needed for using XFS.

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Author: SGI XFS development team <>
Maintainer: Clifford Wolf <>

License: GPL
Status: Stable
Version: 2.9.4-1

Download: xfsprogs_2.9.4-1.tar.gz

Buildtime: 14292 (5) seconds (on reference hardware)
Buildtime: 14503 (9) seconds (on reference hardware)
Package Size: 2.66 MB, 46 files

Dependencies: 00-dirtree bash2 binutils bzip2 coreutils cvm diffutils e2fsprogs
Dependencies: e2fsprogs:dev findutils gawk gcc42 gcc42:dev gettext glibc26
Dependencies: glibc26:dev grep gzip libtool linux26-headers:dev ltrace make
Dependencies: mktemp ncurses net-tools patch readline readline:dev sed sysfiles
Dependencies: tar util-linux xmame

ROCK Sources:  autoconf.patchbuildmacros.patchnew_automake.patchreadline-termcap.patchstone_mod_install_filesystems_xfsprogs.shxfsprogs.cachexfsprogs.confxfsprogs.desc