The ROCK/UML Project

Anders Karlsson

Anders Karlsson I am originally from Sweden, not far from Västerås, but have been living in Great Britain since late 1996. I work as a computer contractor and am currently working for IBM in the south of England, near Southampton, while my family are still up in the Midlands, north of Birmingham. My current position with IBM involves testing and also the writing of test procedure.

My interest in Linux has been around since early 1996 but I did not start using it until early 1997. On my way I have tried RedHat, TurboLinux, SuSE and Mandrake until I finally found ROCK. I am a 'tinkerer' by nature, and I like tweaking things or just finding out how they work.

I value privacy, and the current direction of the British government has convinced me that the need for publicly available strong cryptography is a necessity. Hence I would encourage anyone engaging me in e-mail correspondance to use encryption. My PGP key can be had by either e-mailing me and I will send you the public key, or by getting the key of the PGP keyserver with this command:
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 0x2D6DEAE7
The key fingerprint should be:
1FD3 B055 8725 568A 75A6 6854 9009 721A 2D6D EAE7

Happy Hacking!