ROCK at SANE 2002

Pictures at SANE 2002

SANE 2002 was held from 27--31 May 2002 in Maastricht, Netherlands. People associated with ROCK who were there: Armijn Hemel, Pjotr Prins, Jos Visser, Chris Hamilton, Jocelyn Yeo. Chris had a poster about ROCK's build system. Jos gave a talk about types of people at conferences, which had nothing to do with ROCK but was quite entertaining. Pictures by Jocelyn except where stated.

If you want copies of any of these pictures, they are available in this directory (/people/jocelyn/sane02). Please read the README first.

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Chris (with cap) talks to a guy.

Chris (with cap) talks to some people.

Left to right: Jos, Pjotr, Chris (with cap), some guy.

Left to right: Armijn, Pjotr, Jos, Chris, parts of some people.

Chris (with cap) talks to some SANE people.

People um.. dancing... at the SANE social event...

After SANE, Chris and Jocelyn went to Amsterdam for a quick look at life in that city with Pjotr and Jos. There they also met Pjotr's brother Duke and Duke's other half Nienke, who live in Amsterdam. (Chris and Jocelyn say: Many thanks to Pjotr, Jos, Duke and Nienke for a great time and for many interesting insights into Dutch life, culture and politics.) Leaving out the scenery, which is very nice but not really relevant to ROCK, here are some pictures.

Chris (left) and Pjotr contemplate Amsterdam from the top of the West tower.

Left to right: Chris, Pjotr, Nienke, Duke, Jos.

Left to right: Pjotr, Jos, Jocelyn, Chris. [picture taken by Nienke]

Also see the official NLUUG SANE 2002 website.