The Rock Solid Credit Card

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The Rock Solid Credit Card (RSCC) will be a minimal Rock Linux system that will fit on one of these small credit card sized CD-ROMS. The RSCC will be the ideal Linux system recovery CD, packed with all the tools you need to resurrect a dead or damaged system, but still small enough to fit in your wallet.


The 1.0.2 release does not boot correctly due to problems in the linuxrc program and the /etc/init.d/boot script. A new release, RSCC 1.0.3, fixes the bootability problem and some other minor issues. You can download the scripts here, and the ISO here.

Oh yeah, the RSCC's root password is "rock".


It has been quiet on the front, but the first release of the RSCC scripts is now available for download.

Start with doc/README.1ST...

The RSCC's project team is lead by Jos Visser.

02-MAR-2001 Started work on the RSCC.
11-AUG-2001 First release of the scripts available to the general public.

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