The ROCK Router Linux

ROCK Router Linux 1.7.x

ROCK Linux 1.7.x has been totally redesigned and so the router itself have to be redesigned too, there a lot of issues pending, it will be a target in stead of a subdistribution, and its intended not only to work as router but also to be able to do firewalling with ipv6.

ROCK Router Linux 1.6.x

ROCK Linux 1.6.x will come with a ROCK Router Linux which has it's system files on a CD-ROM. The Kernel and Config files will be stored on a floppy disk. This work is under heavy development and a lot of issues are still open. It will be based on the ROCK Read-Only Linux - a subdistribution for building read-only installations like CD-ROM based surfstations.

ROCK Router Linux 1.4.x

ROCK Linux 1.4.0 didn't come with a working ROCK Router Linux.

ROCK Router Linux 1.2.0

ROCK Linux 1.2.0 comes with a single-disk ROCK Router Linux which is extendable using special module files. It can do routing and firewalling. Support for ISDN, etc. can be added using ROCK Router Modules - but it's not implemented by default.