About Ripclaw

Born in 1977, ripclaw started his relationship to computers at age 8, in 1985, with a Commodore C= 64 and back then started programming in BASIC. First contact with a PC was 2 years later, at age 14 he started programming in PASCAL for the PC. After severe disappointment with various other OS's he got in contact with linux in 1996 when he needed to write C++ Programs and finally installed his first slackware in 1997 on his home computer. Since then, almost any common and less common distribution (including suse, redhat, debian, caldera and some others) left him with the feeling of something incomplete. While searching for some Flavour of Linux/Unix that would finally install and run on some 10 years old laptop with 8 Megs of RAM, he came across rock-linux in preparation for the Chaos Communication Camp 1999. The lack of a working PC-Card networking adapter and CD-ROM left him finally installing a very old, diskette based slackware, but the damage (or fascination) was done. Now almost everything except the router and some old machines running Solaris, *BSD and some other OS's for crossbuild-testing in his home is ROCKing...

When it comes to hobbies, everything from music (both making it and consuming it) to martial arts (nearly a decade), archeology, stellar cartography, rock-climbing (how fitting :-), iceskating, hardware tuning, cycling & motorcycling and roleplaying (shadowrun among others) seem to be cool for him, with skatebaording, diving and the like beeing reserved for holidays.

Past experience includes 4 years of study (civil engineering with computing as a side-subject) half a year as a WindowsNT Administrator and Programmer (VB) at some german ISP, 3 months as a Security Analyst and Administrator at a german Research Center, a one-and-a-half year sponsored study program in information technology combined with work as a network administrator at the german department of a medium international company.
Current employer is a consulting company, that also sponsors the sparc port.
Detailed information is avialable under certain circumstances.

Operating Systems experience include: DOS, Novell, Windows (any except CE),Linux (Slackware 3.1-4.0, Suse 4.4.1-6.2 (6.2 sucked, it didn't run on my box !), RedHat 5.1-6.0, Debian 2.1, Caldera OpenLinux 2.2, ROCK linux 1.2.0++ just to mention a few), Solaris 2.3 and following, FreeBSD 2.2.8 and following, OpenBSD 2.4 and following, NetBSD 1.2.1 and following, BSD4.4 lite, IRIX 5.3, OS/2 3.0, Lucent Technlogies Inferno 2.0 and 2.3a, some MacOS 8.x, BeOS (minimal, but checking regularly since 3.0 for hardware support...) and last but most valued:
over a decade in uninterupted Commodore ROM Basic usage ;-)

Networking and Security experience with a practical touch since the good old days of the BBS, the FidoNET and since 1995 the Internet. Protocols include the TCP/IP suite, IPX/SPX and some obscure modem protocols. Currently he has a keen eye on IPv6 and the possible weaknesses of this upcoming protocol family, while TCP/IP seems to be some general curiousity item with him.

From 1998 until 2001, his job in the ROCK-Linux Team included keeping an eye on network and site security tools, technical toys (CAD) and publicity gags and contacts, as well as keeping clifford busy answering phonecalls to austria and a whole bunch of mail containing weird ideas... :-P

currently the maintainer of ths ROCK Linux sparc port, with the goal of running ROCK Linux on the SUN Enterprise 10000 and it`s follow-up soon.

founded his own company on halloween 2001, contact him directly for more information

the ARC tools and NFR made it of the list, NFR sold out and became a bunch of lazy lizards, and ARC appearantly got bought.

ripclaw suggests reading confuzius, sun-tzu's art of war, caesars de bello gallico and machiavelli for a good deal of computer security knowledge.
Quote Lenin(?): "Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser".