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Project Goals ...

ROCK Logo Button002 This is a collection of ideas and visions I try to turn into reality. I added this section x-mas 2000, so others can see what I`m working on. 90% of this are nowhere near working, since i put most of my time into the sparc port and getting my oldtimer motorcycle running again.


Information gathering for debug purposes - partially working.
firecom hopefully a usefull modem tool in the future - minicom with patches
gopher save the gopher ! - the GN gopher server, more stuff and some security coming soon.
personality coming sometime RSN (TM): turn sparc64 into a general issue personality twister
pextender a tool concept to autocreate packages and extensions
rocknrollout prematurely killed to be revived autoinstaller package - I`ll be back !
wd wd - the unix wardialer, something i have completely laid out on paper.
chimera chimera - a somewhat dated webbrowser with extremely small memory-footprint
virus virus - a minimal vi with extremely small memory-footprint