stonysmith@stonysmith.com stonysmith at stonysmith.com
Mon Apr 5 02:24:40 CEST 2010

I was wondering if someone could help me with a small problem. 

I created a model using OpenSCAD primitives only.  I compiled it, and 
then exported it as a STL file.  The result file has 13744 faces. 

Then, I brought the STL back into OpenSCAD with just this:
Now, when I hit F6 to compile, I get a Windows error "The application 
has requested the Runtime to close it in an unusual way"

I've included the original SCAD file, the STL produced, and the windows 
crash log which doesn't say very much. 

Anyone have any ideas?

I've tried it on both WinXP and Win7.. same result. 

The ODD thing about this is that I had first crafted essentially the 
same model in another application (TrueSpace), exported an STL from 
that application, and still ended up with the same error when trying to 
re-compile it with OpenSCAD. 

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