[OpenSCAD] Feature Requests

Christian Starkjohann cs at obdev.at
Sat Feb 13 15:08:06 CET 2010

On Feb 13, 2010, at 00:08, Marius Kintel wrote:
> On Feb 12, 2010, at 19:19 , R. Mark Adams, PhD wrote:
>> I wonder if an Eclipse plug-in [...] I would say emacs could do the
>> same [...]
> I use Emacs for everything but Java, for which I use Eclipe ;)
> I agree that external editors is the way to go.
> I implemented an extremely quick and dirty AppleScript hack for
> reloading an externally edited file in OpenSCAD. It's very painful to
> implement this for Qt apps, so if there exist a multi-plaform way of
> talking to an (Qt) app from the outside, I'd be interested in any
> pointers.

On Unix operating systems (i.e. all except Windows), you could use a  
Unix domain socket in the user's home directory and send commands  
through this socket. I have code for that, if you want it.

In a more general environment (if you want the same code on all  
platforms), you could use a TCP or UDP socket on for the  
communication. OpenSCAD would bind to a port where it listens and  
write the port number to a file in a well known location (e.g. the  
user's home).

I should have old code snippets for that, too...

It's even possible to cope with multiple instances of OpenSCAD running  
under the same user ID. Just append the PID to the file/socket name.  
The client library can then look for any file/socket or address a  
particular PID.

Ciao -- Christian.

DI Christian Starkjohann <cs at obdev.at>

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