[OpenSCAD] idea for chamfer/round corners (Zach Smith)

Jerry Isdale isdale at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 20:51:43 CET 2010

> first off, i have no idea what sort of math this would entail, so if its
> crazy, then lemme know.  :)
> i'd love to get some sort of corner rounding/chamfer tool.  it would really
> step up the capabilities.  but how do you apply a chamfer to 3D objects
> created with booleans?
> the idea is to use a primitive to define a volume to apply a curving
> function to.  i could get by with cubes, but it would be REALLY rad if you
> could use any old 3d object.
> Zach

I dont know internals of OpenSCAD and I'm much more familiar with Boundary Rep CAD/modeling systems than CSG (constructive solid geometry), but I did a bit of googling and found *some* references to CSG and chamfers (sp).  Most (like wikipedia) reference them as a contrast between BR & CSG techniques.  That doesnt help. There were several leads behind closed source PDFs (eg IEEE archives, Elsevier).   There was this patent that appears to have some relevance...

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