[OpenSCAD] CSG rendering broken in latest Mac OS X snapshot & svn repo (using OpenCSG-1.2.0)

Andrew Plumb andrew at plumb.org
Mon Jan 4 12:16:23 CET 2010

Hi Marius,

Ah, it does seem to be model-specific; the standard examples work.   
Clifford, you may need to test this one as well.

1. Unzip the attached multinozzle_20091231.zip

2. Open "multinozzle_20091231.scad" in OpenSCAD

3. Select "Design - Compile"

4. Confirm that the "bracket()" part renders with no warning messages

5. Scroll down to the line "render_part=10;" and confirm that it is  
set to "10"

6. Select "Design - Compile and Render (CGAL)"

This is where the new problem manifests.  Rendering finishes but I  
don't see the usual "Number of vertices/Number of objects" report.   
The output jumps straight to "Total rendering time: ... Rendering  
finished." without any warnings.  The time taken to render is the same  
as with earlier (working) OpenSCAD versions (55 seconds on my system)  
it just seems to loose track of its objects.

Aside: For kicks, if you set "render_part=0;" you'll see roughly what  
I intend to send off to ShapeWays for a test print in stainless  
steel.  I have an earlier version going through the system right now  
to test the general nozzle design. :-)


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On 3-Jan-10, at 9:54 PM, Marius Kintel wrote:

> Hi again Andrew,
> I'm still at loss - could you also provide me with the model in
> question?
> Regarding MDI:
> I've been building both with and without MDI and haven't discovered
> any problems with either of them.
> I'm mainly using the MDI build though, and the snapshots should be  
> MDI-
> enabled from now on as well.
> ~/= Marius
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