[OpenSCAD] Rendering problems with QCAD-created DXF file (was Re: CSG rendering broken in latest Mac OS X)

Clifford Wolf clifford at clifford.at
Wed Jan 6 04:26:57 CET 2010


On Tue, Jan 05, 2010 at 10:19:15PM -0500, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> > A (clean) patch for dxfdata.cc to also support the DXF ELLIPSE entity would
> > be welcome.
> I don't know if I understand the environment well enough, but I'm
> willing to at least look at the code.  I won't be able to build it to
> test changes anytime soon though, due to limitations in what
> environments I have to work with right now.

There is a good chance that marius will implement this soon..

> > A pitfall with this is that OpenSCAD caches the results of parsing a DXF
> > file. So you will see the error message only the first time you compile the
> > design. When you recompile it there won't be an error message unless the
> > timestamp and/or size of the DXF file has been changed.
> That makes sense from what I've observed - I occasionally saw errors,
> but couldn't pin down how/where/when.

I've adding caching for error messages along with the synthesis results to
the todo list.

> That I'm sure I can help with.  I can do context diffs easily.  Should
> I post them or send them to you directly or is there another preferred
> technique?

diffs mailed to this list would be perfect.

 - clifford

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