[OpenSCAD] Preparing for next release

Clifford Wolf clifford at clifford.at
Fri Jan 8 04:16:53 CET 2010


The plan is to make a new release later today. So this would be a good time
to give svn head (r234) a try and report any troubles back so I can look
into it before releasing 2010.01.

The new features are not documentet yet in the wiki. I'd like to at least
add placeholders as soon as the release is out (I don't want to confuse
users of older releases). The most improtant block of new stuff is the new
2d modeling system. For those of you who want to dig in it now before there
is any formal documentation: example015.scad covers the basics and
example017.scad contains a more sofisticated design.

thanks for beta testing!

 - clifford

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