[OpenSCAD] float bug on latest linux release?

Clifford Wolf clifford at clifford.at
Thu Jan 28 20:51:10 CET 2010


On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 02:23:48PM +0100, Catarina Mota wrote:
> I'm not running linux, but several people at a workshop I'm attending
> noticed that the latest release is not accepting floats (we've been
> using fractions to get around it).

thanks for reporting this problem back.

I think the problem is that a locale that is using a comma instead of a dot
as decimal character was set. the problem should go away when openscad is
run e.g. with 'export LC_ALL=C' set.

I've fixed that now in svn trunk. So the bug should be gone in the next

 - clifford

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