[OpenSCAD] openscad debian package

chrysn chrysn at fsfe.org
Mon Mar 1 00:23:29 CET 2010

hello openscad users,

i've created a debian package for openscad and the opencsg library it
depends on.

the packages are not yet ready for inclusion in debian as they are not
yet tested on pcs other than mine.

if you are interested in trying it out, you can either

* install the binary packages for opencsg (i386 [1], amd64 [2]) and
  openscad (i386 [3], amd64 [4]) -- the amd64 are the ones i use myself
  (on debian sid), thus tested a bit; the i386 are built on an ubuntu
  machine, but were not yet tested there as the required libraries are
  available only in lucid. (will test it as soon as i get lucid set up
  both could in theory work both on ubuntu lucid and on debian
  unstable (sid) or testing (squeeze).

* build and install opencsg yourself by doing

  $ dget -u http://archive.amsuess.com/pool/main/o/opencsg/opencsg_1.3.0-1.dsc
  $ dget -u http://archive.amsuess.com/pool/contrib/o/openscad/openscad_2010.02-1.dsc
  $ cd opencsg-1.3.0
  $ dpkg-buildpackage -b
  (if it complains about missing packages, just install them, and try again)
  $ cd ..
  $ sudo dpkg -i libopencsg*deb
  $ cd openscad-2010.02
  $ dpkg-buildpackage -b
  (again, might complain about missing packages)
  $ cd ..
  $ sudo dpkg -i openscad*deb

in both cases, you'll need the opencgal library, which is currently in
debian's non-free repository due to ongoing discussions about the
freeness of the qpl (qt license; most of the other stuff using it does
not suffer from that problem as it is dual-licensed lgpl).

i'd appreciate reports both on working and failed installations and

concerning openscad itself, i have some remaining problems with
openscad.pro which i currently fix in the debian package:

* -march is set to pentium for everything but macx. is there a reason
  for that?
* target.path = /usr/local/bin/ -- can this be overwritten at
  "configure" time or do i have to keep changing that in the package?
  (in debian, everything a package installs goes to /usr/bin)


ps: sorry if this gets posted twice, i had some mail server issues.

[1] http://archive.amsuess.com/pool/main/o/opencsg/libopencsg1_1.3.0-1_i386.deb
[2] http://archive.amsuess.com/pool/main/o/opencsg/libopencsg1_1.3.0-1_amd64.deb
[3] http://archive.amsuess.com/pool/contrib/o/openscad/openscad_2010.02-1_i386.deb
[4] http://archive.amsuess.com/pool/contrib/o/openscad/openscad_2010.02-1_amd64.deb

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