[OpenSCAD] Importing STL files

Hugh Smith smithh6622 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 00:29:20 CEST 2011

On Aug 22, 2011, at 5:32 PM, Marius Kintel wrote:

> On Aug 22, 2011, at 22:14 PM, Hugh Smith wrote:
>> Q1) I'm using openScad-MAC and I want to import .stl files from openScad-Windows.  ReplicatorG opens files across volume boundaries, does openScad.
> Yes, that should work. I would open the .scad files though, not the .stl files.

I'm using a 3D cad program, not openScad.  I get the error "Can't open--path name--" whether it's in a different partition on the same drive or a network drive.  When I use the syntax //drive-name/folder-name…, openScad removes the first '/' off the drive-name when it reports an error treating it as a folder-name.
>> Q2) Is the Scale function in ReplicatorG for display only or does it affect the printed size?
> It affects the printed size.

The part I created in Alibre is a 2" test cube.  I have to scale it up by 80 which fits on the ReplicatorG platform.  So what your saying is that my cube will attempt to be printed as 160" even though it visually fits in ReplicatorG.  How do I find out exactly what it thinks it's printing?  
>> Q3) I have a part that has a large overhang.  How and where do I specify the platform to hold up the part?
> In ReplicatorG, there are options for choosing support material. I know that some 3D printers generate the support material geometry through a separate STL preprocessing tool, but ReplicatorG does this through the built-in GCode generator. The specifics are better asked on the mailing list of the 3D printer in question.

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