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 Hey all,  
 This conversation _is_ getting interesting.....  
 I just wanted to make a few observations and comments . 
 OpenSCAD is awsome , thanks Clifford. 
 An advantage that openscad has now is that there is growing code base 
of objects , porting across to another front end will need a 
translater so that work is not lost. 
 I use Python for most of my work , so I'm biased , but I think 
wrapping the CSG ( and AST ) formats in a nice OO language is a really 
good idea. There are heaps of Makers that use python already , why 
learn a new syntax when an 'import openscad' is much easier.  
 When this thread came up the first things that would be possible in 
python/scad would be. 
 1. Recursion  
 2. Better conditionals 
 3. Inheritance 
 4. database access  would be potentially very powerful to do 
unforeseen things... then there's string processing - that could be 
very handy 
 > with parametric scripts (look at what I had to do to handle strings 
in my bitmap text module) Filesystem access would be 
 > really nice for loading external data. Interesting things could be 
done in terms of dynamic objects if the script could 
 > call webservices... 
 Hi all, 
 I want to some my thoughts in addition to what Giles said. I'm mostly 
 end-user here, not a programmer by a proffesion. 
 Its obvious, that Linux (especially) have no access to truely  
 feature complete CAD. And for that reason it will be realy better to 
 have features like: egde fillet or full DXF support or sizes 
 2D drawings export; than hypotetically useful web-services 
 Every other Linux CAD tools like FreeCAD, HeeksCAD have some level  
 of python scripting, but main OpenSCAD advantage over them is 
 of his embedded language. And i'm in doubt that OpenSCAD will win for 
 example with python-occ or any OpenCASCADE-based python engine if it 
 start to try compete with them. 
 WBR Lavruschenko Oleksandr 
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