[OpenSCAD] BOM generation; SolidPython available

Evan T. Jones evan_t_jones at mac.com
Wed Mar 9 17:46:24 CET 2011

  	I suspect that Ian Daniher's PyScad may have the capacity to traverse an OpenSCAD-generated tree.  The SolidPython Python => OpenSCAD compiler could not do such a thing.

For your purposes, if you want the fastest solution for what sounds like a significant body of code, your best route is probably to post-process your echo() calls, just like you've planned.  

Having been in your shoes, ("I've written this OpenSCAD code.  Now I want to do something else fancy. Oh... it's really hard to do that in OpenSCAD")   I think the best route forward in the future is to write code in a general purpose language.  

I hate seeing us all working hard reinventing wheels ( Tables! Bitmapped fonts! Decorators!) when we could just be making more bitchin' models.  So here's to bitchin' models....

On Mar 9, 2011, at 5:25 AM, nop head wrote:

> Do the Python bindings allow a tree made with openscad source to be traversed in Python to search for echo statements, or perhaps a dummy module or function. That would be a cleaner way to do it.

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