[OpenSCAD] function for vector sizeof/length?

Christopher Olah christopherolah.co at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 06:26:24 CET 2011

> It's been a long way beating the new codebase into shape.
> I'm sorry if you feel ignored, but I haven't dared introducing new stuff until I have a stable basis.

I'm glad to hear you've made progress on your codebase.

> It looks like we're really close to a release now, and after that I'd be more open to introducing new features.
> I'd prefer doing this one feature at the time. Also, now that we have a testing framework, it should be easy to write a test which stress-tests each feature properly, reducing the chance for bugs or regressions sneaking in.
> So, if you're still motivated to contribute, here is a suggestion:

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I've moved on to other
things and don't feel like rewriting code (as I imagine your thorough
work on the codebase would effectively require).

It's unfortunate that we weren't able to merge my work in half a year
ago, when it would have been up to date, since several of my features
seem to be in demand.

With respect, it would be nice if you could respond to and close --
since you will evidently not merge -- my old pull request:




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