[OpenSCAD] A bug with rendering a solid

William Adams william_a_adams at msn.com
Fri Sep 2 17:58:59 CEST 2011

Ah yes.  I thought about whether there was enough precision in the numbers to ensure things would be ok.  I guess not. Converting to triangles makes sense.  I wish CGAL would just do this automatically. Thanks for the conversion, that makes my life much easier. -- William


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 From: marius at kintel.net
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 17:54:22 +0200
To: openscad at rocklinux.org
Subject: Re: [OpenSCAD] A bug with rendering a solid

Thanks for the report.
The error message is a bit misleading. The problem in this case is that the underlying geometry engine (CGAL) is extremely picky when it comes to polygons. All polygons must be exactly planar. In your case, there are minor deviations from planarity, which is detected by CGAL (using an exact number representation). One workaround for this is to always specify triangles, as they are guaranteed to be planar.
I'll take note on improving this.
I've attached your file converted to triangles.

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