[OpenSCAD] problem rendering '#' operator?

Bennett, Steve s.bennett at lancaster.ac.uk
Sun Sep 4 18:02:23 CEST 2011


I'm using OpenScad on Mac OS X, and I've found that the '#' operator (and the '%' operator too) does not render the selected object specially. The '#' operator makes no difference at all (the selected object is rendered normally), and '%' and '*' appear to have the same effect (i.e. the selected object is not rendered at all). Is this expected behaviour on Mac OS X?

Today I've discovered even more unusual behaviour - if I render a model, and then select 'animate' the '#' and '%' operators work properly. If I then deselect 'animate' the correct rendering remains. If I have 'animate' selected when I render an object it makes no difference, I have to deselect 'animate' and reselect it again for it to have any effect - so it seems that its the transition from 'off' to 'on' that is important.

Is this a known bug? I've tried the latest dev snapshot (2011.09.04) and it seems to do the same thing...


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