[OpenSCAD] Status OpenSCAD development

Marius Kintel marius at kintel.net
Thu Sep 29 04:10:46 CEST 2011

Hi again,

I did some refactoring of the offscreen code to make it more visible what is OS specific and not:

In the end, these are basically the lines of code which needs porting from Mac OS X to X11/GLX - that should be doable without SDL:

  NSOpenGLPixelFormatAttribute attributes[] = {
    NSOpenGLPFADepthSize, 24,
    (NSOpenGLPixelFormatAttribute) 0
  NSOpenGLPixelFormat *pixFormat = [[[NSOpenGLPixelFormat alloc] initWithAttributes:attributes] autorelease];

  ctx->openGLContext = [[NSOpenGLContext alloc] initWithFormat:pixFormat shareContext:nil];

  [ctx->openGLContext makeCurrentContext];


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