[OpenSCAD] Thought Process Question

M W rd232d at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 30 21:13:55 CEST 2012

Hi all; I thought I'd ask a question on the topic of "How do I think of creating a part with OpenSCAD?"

I've been programming since the 70's, in many languages, and I've used lathes, milling machines, CNC driven sometimes, so I know how to think as if I'm milling something.

Let's say I am making a container that holds 50 of something, in 5 rows of 10; what is "the best" way to look at building this sort of thing?

Is it best to build a procedure that builds the overall container, then another that drills the hole out for the object it's storing, and repeat that somehow to drill the 50 holes out, or ??

I figure here's the place to ask, on how best to wrap my brain around this category of problem :)



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