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Tue Feb 14 01:17:37 CET 2012

Doing a bit of Googling it seems console apps and GUI apps are two
different things on Windows. I think the reason it appears to run
instantaneously is that the shell does not wait for it because it is a GUI
app. Therefore it won't be able to write to the console and won't
be usable from a script as it wont wait.

A console app can put up a GUI though, but the shell will wait for it to
finish so if you launch the GUI from the command line it will tie up the

I think you need a console app that launches a separate GUI app if there is
no command line and then terminates.

Any Windows experts no different?

On 13 February 2012 23:51, Marius Kintel <marius at kintel.net> wrote:

> On Feb 13, 2012, at 21:54 PM, nop head wrote:
> > So it seems to boil down to not being able to find includes, not
> outputting anything to the console (including the usage message) and
> crashing when the usage is wrong.
> >
> It sounds like three issues on top of each other:
> o crash on wrong cmd-line options
> o failure to initialize the library path
> o failure to connect stdout to the calling shell
> I will try looking into the first two from a code review perspective (no
> Windows environment in sight). The third requires more Windows knowledge.
>  -Marius
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