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Gordon Wrigley gordon.wrigley at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 08:38:56 CET 2012

> That means that, for example, some of the features I had in surfcad,
can't be replicated here.

Out of curiosity could you give an example of the sort of feature that
can't be replicated?

Do you expect to reach 100% compatibility with OpenSCAD?


On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 6:10 PM, Christopher Olah <
christopherolah.co at gmail.com> wrote:

> > I wonder what the draw backs are, one obvious one is that our primary
> > outputs (STL and 3D rendering) are both triangle mesh formats.
> I'm aware of two disadvantages.
> The first and biggest is the one you observed. Triangle meshes are not
> my natural representation of objects and there is a very big
> computational cost to convert them. This is why ImplicitCAD has very
> different performance characteristics than OpenSCAD: I pay a big
> overhead on conversion to triangle meshes, but most operations (eg.
> CSG) are very inexpensive. (This is further complicated by the fact
> that it is implemented in a lazy language...)
> (To be competitive in simple cases, ImplicitCAD does "symbolic
> rendering" where it recognizes objects like a simple sphere or such
> and renders them without doing anything with Implicit functions. This
> has a long ways to go.)
> The second disadvantage is that one can't define an object with
> arbitrary parametric equations, since once can't convert parametric
> equations to implicit functions in full generality. That means that,
> for example, some of the features I had in surfcad, can't be
> replicated here.
> I think these are both completely worth while sacrifices for the
> benefits of the implicit function approach.
> Chris
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