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M W rd232d at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 00:53:51 CEST 2012

TY M. Rule & Ed. I figured asking was a good idea :) Interesting case, Ed!

A case for my inbound Raspberry Pi, then a new widget I'll build are about the NEXT thing I'll be doing with OpenSCAD, soon as I finish designing the widget (client on that one, is driving me NUTS; sorta par for the course, this. And then he has more projects after that ACK! LOL)

What are units.scad and useful sizes.scad used for? First time I've seen those, I don't have scad up ATM (this laptop is old and only 1GB RAM), maybe those will help set things up more sanely with the guy whose printer I'm borrowing LOL

Speaking of objects that aren't done right - I saw a "Rotor Clock" (where you use LEDs spun on a rotor to show time or a message) where the motor was glued onto a painted wooden stand. Shudder. Semester project for them, and *fortunately* the glue waited to split off from the paint, until AFTER they'd been evaluated by the instructor; Not the ideal way to mount something to wood! (Screwed or bolted, and glued, would be my first choices - with washers under the nuts if you went with bolts; Dry wall screws give decent holding power, alternately, if the wood's thick enough.) 

The whole 3D printer world seems to still be evolving from what I see, I know I sure have much to learn about it! There are things (like having to manually lower your design to touch the bed the printer prints on) that would make more sense if they were auto-magic, but I'm sure there're reasons :)


> http://softsolder.com/2011/08/23/nema-17-stepper-motor-mount/
> I recently put together a case for some PCBs that started with a solid
> block and subtracted modules that bounded the PCB volumes; that's the
> central part of this assortment:
> http://softsolder.com/2012/04/13/wouxun-kg-uv3d-gps-interface-functional-case/
> For the container you're describing, I'd make a solid block of the right
> outside dimensions, build a model of the "somethings" that fit inside,
> then iterate & subtract the somethings from the block. Add some
> finishing touches like punching out holes for hinges & clasp and you're
> done.
> That produces a solid block with voids inside: slice off the top and
> print the base, then slice off the bottom and print the lid.
> Might not work, but that's how I'd start... [grin]
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