Open Patch: 2010012418402751270 (by clifford)
+ clifford
+ giftnuss
Votecheck 'core-strong': OK (clifford)
Clifford Wolf:
	Disabled evbug kernel module

Clifford Wolf:
	Disabled evbug kernel module

diff --git a/package/base/linux/linux26/disable-broken.lst b/package/base/linux/linux26/disable-broken.lst
index b9ea77b..6b0af6c 100644
--- package/base/linux/linux26/disable-broken.lst
+++ package/base/linux/linux26/disable-broken.lst
@@ -23,6 +23,11 @@
 # temporary fixes, do check if they have been solved after some time
 CONFIG_EXAMPLE			2000-01-01	2.6.0 # example.o
+# disable evbug module: it is loaded automatically at bootup and then
+# logs all input events to the kernel log. not really wanted on most
+# production machines.
 # do not remove the following entries unless you are really sure about it..
 # ..nothing broken atm..

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