Package Descriptions

About the package descriptions

This package descriptions are exported from the latest ROCK Linux development snapshot. Packages marked with an asteric (*) did not compile without errors in the last reference build and need some fixing.

Package List - Repository 'hannes'

 PackageVersionShort Description
 bomberclone0.11.3 free Bomberman-like game
 cbrowser0.8 a gui to cscope, a sourcecode indexing tool
 checkpassword0.90 a simple uniform password-checking interface to all root applications
 checkpolicy1.18 the selinux policy compiler
 cscope15.5 text screen based source browser
*ebtables2.0.6 a tool for ethernet filtering for linux bridges
 embutils0.16 small system utilities for embedded systems
 hibernate1.02 a script providing OS based support for suspending your Linux computer
*ipw22001.0.6 linux-driver for the for the Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG and 2915ABG
 irqbalance0.12 irq loadbalancing daemon for smp sysstems
 libselinux1.18 the main selinux library and some utilities
 libsepol1.2 an interface for manipulating binary (selinux-)policies
 polgen0.8 MITRE policy generation tool
 policycoreutils1.18 this contains the set of policy core utilities
 quilt0.32 a tool for quick,efficent and reversible applictaion of patches
 setools1.5 Tresys policy analysis and user management tools
 slat1.2.2 MITRE policy analysis tool
 streamripper1.61.3 listens to mp3-streams and records them to mp3-files