Package Descriptions

About the package descriptions

This package descriptions are exported from the latest ROCK Linux development snapshot. Packages marked with an asteric (*) did not compile without errors in the last reference build and need some fixing.

Package List - Repository 'sirkull'

 PackageVersionShort Description
 anomy-mailtools1.70 An email vulnerability protector and sanitizer
 apg2.2.3 A random password generator
*ardour0.9beta26 A multitrack, multichannel audio recorder/non-linear editor.
*audacity1.3.4 A cross-platform multitrack audio editor
*baghira0.6d A KDE theme engine
 blueglass0.4 A XFree cursor theme
*cfengine2.1.13 A tool for administering Networks of Diverse Machines
 clamav0.90.2 An anti-virus utility for Unix
 crystal-icons-gnome1.2 The Crystal SVG Icon theme for GNOME
 daemon0.6.3 Turns other processes into daemons
*dansguardian2.8.0.4 A Web filter with multiple page content analysis mechanisms.
 dcc1.3.5 A distributed spam filter
*fftw33.1.2 Fastest Fourier Transform in The West
*jamin0.9.0 A JACK Audio Mastering interface
 jikes1.22 A java compiler
 kiosktool0.9 A tool for KDE's KIOSK features
*ladspa1.12 Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API (LADSPA)
*ladspa-caps0.2.1 LADSPA plugins for amp modeling, stomp-boxes and others
*ladspa-cmt1.15 CMT LADSPA Plugins
*ladspa-mcp0.3.0 LADSPA plugins - phaser, chorus, voltage controlled lowpass filter
 ladspa-rev0.3.1 A stereo reverb LADSPA plugin
*ladspa-swh-plugins0.4.13 A set of LADSPA plugins.
*ladspa-tap0.7.0 Tom's Audio Processing LADSPA plugins
*ladspa-vcf0.0.5 LADSPA Plugin
*ladspa-vco0.3.0 Anti-aliased oscillator plugins for LADSPA.
*ladspa-vlevel0.5 A dynamic audio compressor
*ladspa-vocoder0.3 LADSPA Vocoder Plugin
*liblrdf0.4.0 An RDF library
 libsamplerate0.1.2 A Sample Rate Converter library for audio.
 mailscanner4.27.7-1 An email virus scanner, vulnerability protector, and spam handler.
 nano1.2.5 Pico editor clone with enhancements
 noia-icons-gnome1.0 The NOIA Icon theme for GNOME
 noia-icons-kde1.00 The NOIA Icon theme for KDE
 pureftpd1.0.21 PureFTP Server is an efficient, lightweight, and very secure FTP server
 pyzor0.4.0 A spam detection and filtering network
*qjackctl0.2.14 A simple Qt application to control the JACK sound server daemon
 qtcurve0.22 A KDE theme engine based on RedHat's BlueCurve
 raptor1.4.18 An RDF parser library in C.
 razor2.67 A spam detection and filtering network
 shorewall1.4.10c An iptables-based firewall for Linux systems
 slidentd1.0.0 A secure, lightweight ident (RFC1413) daemon for Linux.
 thin-keramik3.2.1 A KDE theme engine
 tidy050302 HTML validator and cleaner
 validator1.2.2 A syntax checker for HTML and XHTML documents