Package Descriptions

About the package descriptions

This package descriptions are exported from the latest ROCK Linux development snapshot. Packages marked with an asteric (*) did not compile without errors in the last reference build and need some fixing.

Package List - Repository 'gnome2'

 PackageVersionShort Description
 abiword2.4.5 The GNOME wordprocessor
 accerciser1.4.0 an interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop
 acme2.4.2 Additional keyboard buttons usage for GNOME
 alacarte0.11.6 GNOME menu editor
*alleyoop0.9.2 A GNOME frontend to the Valgrind memory checker.
*anjuta2.24.1 A versatile Integrated Development Environment
 at-poke0.2.3 Tool for poking around with accessibility support in GTK-2
 at-spi1.24.0 assistive technolgy service provider interface
 atk1.24.0 GTK+ Accessibility
 babl0.0.22 The BABL Library
 balsa2.3.13 A GNOME mail client with support for local mailboxes, POP3, and IMAP.
 battfink0.6.2 An Energy Saving Preference dialog.
 bluefish1.0.7 A GTK-based Web development editor.
*bug-buddy2.20.1 Bug-Buddy
 cairo1.8.0 Cairo - a drawing library
 control-center2.19.1 The GNOME Control Center
 dasher4.9.0 Dasher is an information-efficient text-entry interface
 deskbar-applet2.24.1 an omnipresent versatile search interface
*desktop-file-utils0.11 command line utilities for desktop files
 devhelp0.21 A developer's help program for GNOME.
 devilspie0.17.1 Window-matching utility for Metacity.
*dia0.96.1 program for drawing structured diagrams
*drwright0.18 Program that forces regular breaks.
 eel2.24.1 The Eazel Extensions Library
*ekiga2.0.11 A Voice over IP (VoIP) Tool with gnome GUI
 enchant1.3.0 AbiWord spell-checker.
 eog2.24.1 The GNOME image viewing and catalogin program
 epiphany2.24.1 A GNOME Web Browser and file navigator
 evince2.24.1 Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats.
 evolution2.12.1 Integrated Workgroup and Personal Information Management
 evolution-data-server1.12.1 The evolution data server for the calendar and address book
 evolution-exchange2.12.1 Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003 support for Evolution
*evolution-webcal2.12.0 URL handler for GNOME and Evolution
 fast-user-switch-applet2.18.0 MacOS X-style menu-based user-switching applet
 figment0.3.5 An Outliner
 file-roller2.24.1 Gnome2 archiver
 firestarter1.0.3 Firewall creation/monitoring tool
 gail1.20.1 GNOME Accessibility Project
 gal2.5.3 GNOME Application library
 gcalctool5.24.1 Gnome-2 calculator
 gconf2.24.0 Configuration storage library, like libproplist or the Windows Registry
 gconf-editor2.24.1 An Editor for Configuration storage library
 gconfmm2.24.0 C++ wrappers for GConf.
 gdesklets0.32 Advanced architecture for desktop applets.
 gdl2.24.0 Gnome Devtools Library
 gdm2.24.0 The GNOME Display Manager
 gedit2.24.0 The GNOME-2 text editor
 gegl0.0.22 The GEGL Library
 gftp2.0.18 A multithreaded ftp client for X.
 ggv2.12.0 A Postscript(tm) Document Viewer
*ghex2.22.0 The GNOME hex editor
*gimp2.6.2 The GNU Image Manipulation Program
*glabels2.0.4 A label and business card program.
 glade3.4.0 user interface development tool for GNOME
*glademm2.6.0 An extension to glade to create C++ sources
 glib2.18.1 C suport library
 glibmm2.18.1 The C++ bindings for the Glib
 gmime2.1.9 A core library and utilities for creation and parsing MIME messages
 gnet2.0.5 A network library.
 gnet11.1.9 A network library.
*gnome-applets2.24.1 GNOME panel applets
 gnome-backgrounds2.24.0 Gnome Backgrounds
 gnome-blog0.9.1 gnome-blog is a applet that can post to blogs.
 gnome-build2.24.1 Gnome Build Framework
 gnome-common2.24.0 Gnome autoconf helper files.
 gnome-control-center2.24.0.1 The GNOME Control Center
 gnome-cups-manager0.33 Gnome cups interface
 gnome-desktop2.24.1 The GNOME Desktop
 gnome-devel-docs2.24.0 GNOME developer documentation
 gnome-doc-utils0.14.0 a collection of documentation utilities for gnome
 gnome-games2.20.1 The GNOME games
 gnome-icon-theme2.24.0 GNOME icon theme
 gnome-keyring-manager2.20.0 GNOME Keyring Manager is a keyring management program for the GNOME Desktop.
 gnome-mag0.15.4 Gnome magnifying glass.
*gnome-media2.24.0.1 The GNOME multimedia programs.
 gnome-menus2.24.1 implementation of the desktop menu specification
 gnome-mime-data2.18.0 GNOME MIME database
 gnome-netstatus2.12.2 network status panel app
*gnome-nettool2.22.1 GNOME interface for various networking tools
 gnome-panel2.24.1 The GNOME Panel basics
 gnome-pilot2.0.16 Gnome-Pilot connectivity
 gnome-pilot-conduits2.0.16 Gnome-Pilot conduits.
 gnome-power-manager2.20.0 a power manager for GNOME
 gnome-python2.22.3 Python interfaces to gnome-libs
 gnome-python-desktop2.24.0 python modules for GNOME
 gnome-python-extras2.19.1 Python modules for GNOME
 gnome-screensaver2.24.0 GNOME screen saver and locker
 gnome-session2.24.1 The GNOME Session manager
 gnome-sharp2.16.0 .NET language binding for assorted GNOME libraries
 gnome-speech0.4.21 Speech generation library.
 gnome-spell1.0.8 GNOME/Bonobo component for spell checking
 gnome-system-monitor2.24.1 The GNOME-2 System Monitor
 gnome-system-tools2.22.1 Gnome system tools
 gnome-terminal2.24.1.1 GNOME terminal emulation application
 gnome-themes2.24.1 Gnome themes
 gnome-user-docs2.24.0 GNOME user documentation
 gnome-utils2.24.1 GNOME utility programs.
 gnome-vfs2.24.0 Gnome virtual file system.
 gnome-vfs-extras0.99.13 Gnome virtual filesystem extras
 gnome-vfs-monikers2.15.3 Gnome virtual file system.
 gnome-vfsmm2.24.0 C++ wrappers for gnome-vfs lib.
 gnome-volume-manager2.24.0 GNOME daemon to auto-mount and manage media devices.
 gnome2-dirtree0000 Gnome2 dirtree package
 gnome2-user-docs2.8.1 Gnome-2 user documentation
 gnomeicu0.99.10 Formerly GtkICQ, now Gnome Internet Communication Utility
 gnonlin0.10.5 GStreamer plug-in for non-linear video editing.
 gnopernicus1.1.2 Low-vision and blind users access to standard GTK+2.
*gnumeric1.9.3 The GNOME spreadsheet
 gob2.0.14 Preprocessor for building GTK+ Object
 goffice0.7.2 A glib/gtk set of document centric objects and utilities
 gok2.24.0 Gnome Onscreen Keyboard
 gossip0.31 A GNOME Jabber client.
 gparted0.3.9 The GNOME partition editor
 gpdf2.10.0 A PDF viewer for GNOME.
 grandr_applet0.2 Gnome-panel front end to the xrandr extension
 gst-ffmpeg0.10.1 GStreamer FFmpeg plug-in
 gst-plugins-base0.10.14 GStreamer Base Plug-ins
 gst-plugins-good0.10.10 GStreamer Good Plug-ins
 gstreamer0.10.21 multi-media framework
 gthumb2.6.9 An image viewer and browser for the GNOME environment.
 gtk+2.14.4 The Gimp ToolKit (GTK)
 gtk-engines2.16.1 Default GTK+ theme engines
 gtkdoc1.10 GTK+ DocBook Documentation Generator
 gtkextra2.1.1 A library of gtk+ widgets
 gtkhtml3.24.1 HTML widget for GTK
 gtkmm2.14.1 The C++ bindings for the Gtk+
 gtksourceview2.4.0 Gtk+2.x text widget extension
 gucharmap2.24.1 A Unicode/ISO10646 character map and font viewer
 gworldclock1.4.4 Gnome world clock.
*hicolor-icon-theme0.5 Default icon theme
 icon-naming-utils0.8.7 an icon naming utility
 iso-codes0.58 a list of country, language and currency names
 libbonobo2.24.0 The GNOME component and compound document system
 libbonoboui2.24.0 The UI for the GNOME component and compound document system
 libcanberra0.10 bcanberra
 libcroco0.6.1 A CSS parsing and manipulation toolkit
 libesmtp1.0.3 A library for posting Electronic Mail.
 libgail-gnome1.20.1 The GNOME accesssibility interface library
*libgda3.99.5 GNOME-2 database access
 libglade2.6.3 libglade library
 libglademm2.6.7 C++ wrapper for libglade.
 libgnome2.24.1 The GNOME core libraries
 libgnomecanvas2.20.1.1 Vector drawing widget for GTK+/Gnome
 libgnomecanvasmm2.23.1 C++ wrapper for libgnomecanvas.
 libgnomecups0.2.3 GNOME cups library
*libgnomedb3.99.5 GNOME-2 database access library
 libgnomekbd2.24.0 GNOME keyboard shared library
 libgnomemm2.24.0 C++ wrapper for libgnome.
 libgnomeprint2.18.5 The GNOME printer access library
 libgnomeprintui2.18.3 The UI GNOME printer access library
 libgnomeui2.24.0 The UI GNOME core libraries
 libgnomeuimm2.24.0 C++ wrapper for libgnomeui.
 libgsf1.14.10 The GNOME Structured File Library
 libgtkhtml2.11.1 a HTML engine for GNOME-2
 libgtop2.24.0 LibGTop library
 libgweather2.24.1 libgweather
 libidl0.8.13 library for creating trees of CORBA IDL files
 libmrproject0.10 A project management application (backend).
 libole2.2.8 Structured Storage OLE2 library
 liboobs2.22.0 System Tools Backends wrapping library
 librsvg2.22.3 A library implementing the SVG image format
 libsoup2.24.1 HTTP library implementation in C
 libwnck2.24.1 Window Navigator Construction Kit
 libxklavier3.7 Utility library to make XKB stuff easier.
 libxml++2.24.0 A c++ interface to xml files
 libzvt2.0.1 pseudo terminal handling library
 lock-keys-applet1.0 A GNOME 2 applet that shows the status of your Caps, Num, and Scroll Lock keys.
 loudmouth1.4.2 A Jabber client library.
 memprof0.6 Tool for memory profiling and leak detection
*mergeant0.67 GNOME-2 database front-end
 metacity2.24.0 Yet another window manager for the GNOME project
 metatheme0.9.7 tools for manageing GNOME theme sets
 mrproject0.10 A project management application (Gnome frontend).
*nautilus2.24.1 The new GNOME file and web browser
 nautilus-cd-burner2.24.0 Nautilus CD Burner
 netspeed_applet0.10 A GNOME applet that shows network traffic for a specified device.
 networkmanager0.6.5 a network manager using DBUS and HAL
 orbit22.14.16 a high-performance CORBA ORB (object request broker)
 orbitcpp1.3.9 C++ support for ORBit 2
 orca2.24.1 lexible and extensible screen reader
 pan0.14.2.91 A newsreader for GNOME.
 pango1.22.1 library for layout and rendering of internationalized text
 pangomm2.14.0 The C++ bindings for pango
 pessulus2.24.0 pessulus is a lockdown editor for GNOME, written in python
 pkgview1.0.6 Gnome interface to pkgconfig.
*poppler0.5.4 a PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base
 poppler-data0.1 Data files for the poppler PDF rendering library
*pybliographer1.2.11 A tool for bibliographic database manipulation.
 pygobject2.15.4 Python bindings for the GObject
 pygtk2.13.0 The Python bindings for the Gtk+
 pygtksourceview2.4.0 python bindings for the GtkSourceView library
 pyorbit2.14.3 Python/ORBit (CORBA) Bindings
 quick-lounge-applet2.12.5 Gnome quick-lounge-applet.
 regexxer0.8 A nifty GUI search/replace tool using Perl regexps.
 rep-gtk0.18 A binding of the GTK+ and GDK libraries for the librep Lisp environment.
 rhythmbox0.11.6 A music player for GNOME.
 sabayon2.22.1 Tool to maintain user profiles in a GNOME desktop
 sawfish1.3 An extensible window manager.
*scrollkeeper0.3.14 ScrollKeeper Documentation Cataloging System
*seahorse2.24.1 A Gnome GUI for GnuPG.
*sensors-applet1.7.8 a hardware sensor applet for the GNOME desktop
*sound-juicer2.24.0 CD ripping tool
 spheres-and-crystals0.7 Spheres and Crystal theme
*straw0.27 A GNOME 2.0 desktop RSS aggregator.
 system-tools-backends2.6.0 backends for the gnome system tools
 tomboy0.8.1 GNOME note manager
 totem2.20.1 A simple movie player for the GNOME desktops.
*vino2.24.1 gnome vnc server
 vte0.17.4 Gnome virtual terminal emulator widget.
 yelp2.24.0 The GNOME-2 Help Browser
 zenity2.24.0 A Gtk+ dialog tool.