Package Descriptions

About the package descriptions

This package descriptions are exported from the latest ROCK Linux development snapshot. Packages marked with an asteric (*) did not compile without errors in the last reference build and need some fixing.

Package List - Repository 'base'

 PackageVersionShort Description
 00-dirtree0000 Directory tree framework
 a2ps4.13b Converts text and other types of files to PostScript(TM)
 a52dec0.7.4 A free ATSC A/52 stream decoder
 acl2.2.45-1 POSIX Access Control Lists
 alsa-driver1.0.13 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture kernel drivers
 alsa-firmware1.0.17 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
 alsa-lib1.0.17a Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
 alsa-oss1.0.17 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
 alsa-plugins1.0.17 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
 alsa-tools1.0.17 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
 alsa-utils1.0.17 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
 apache2.2.8 Apache web server
 ash0.2 NetBSD's ash (Almquist sh) for Linux
 aspell0.60.6 A More Intelligent Ispell
 aspell-de0.50-2 The German dictonary for aspell
 aspell-en6.0-0 The English dictonary for aspell
 aspell-es1.9a-1 The Spanish dictonary for aspell
 aspell-fr0.50-3 The French dictonary for aspell
 at3.1.8 Job spooling tools
 attr2.4.39-1 Extended Attributes Of Filesystem Objects
 audiofile0.2.6 A library for accessing various audio file formats
 autoconf2.61 A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code
 autofs4.1.4 A tool for automatically mounting and unmounting filesystems
 automake1.7.9 1.8.5 1.9.6 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles
 bash2.05b 3.2 The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) 2.x The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) 3.x
 bc1.06 GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator)
 bdb3.3.11 4.0.14 4.1.25 4.2.52 4.4.20 Sleepycat Berkley DB Version 3.3 Sleepycat Berkley DB Version 4.0 Sleepycat Berkley DB Version 4.1 Sleepycat Berkley DB Version 4.2
 biff+comsat0.17 A mail checker client and the comsat mail checking server
 bind9.4.1-P1 The ISC DNS server, resolver library and utilities
 binutils2. A GNU collection of binary utilities
 bison2.4 The GNU general-purpose parser generator
 bize0.7 ROCK-Linux .tar.bz2 package manager
 boehm-gc6.8 A garbage collector for C and C++
 bonnie++1.03a Bonnie++ hard drive and file system benchmark suite
 bsd-finger0.17 A finger utility
 bsd-games2.17 Ports of all the games from NetBSD-current that are free
 bzip21.0.4 A file compression utility
 cairomm1.4.6 C++ wrapper for the cairo graphics library
 ccache2.4 a fast compiler cache
 ccbench0.2 The C Compiler Benchmark
 cdparanoiaIII-alpha9.8 CDDA extraction tool (aka ripper)
*cdrdao1.2.1 Disk-At-One CD creation tool
 cdrtools2.01 A command line CD/DVD recording program
 coreutils6.9 GNU core utilities
 cpio2.9 A GNU archiving program
 cracklib2.8.14 A library for checking passwords.
 cron3.0pl1-86 The Vixie cron daemon for executing specified programs at set times
 cups1.3.5 Common Unix Printing System
 curl7.19.7 client and library for (HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, ...) transfers
 cvs1.11.21 A version control system
 cyrus-sasl22.1.21 SASL is the Simple Authentication and Security Layer
 dbus1.2.4 message bus system
 dbus-glib0.76 message bus system - glib bindings
 dbus-qt30.62 Qt3 bindings for dbus
*devfsd1.3.25 Daemon controlling devfs
 device-mapper1.02.27 Device-Mapper
 dhcp4.0.0b2 DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server and relay agent
 dialog1.1-20080819 A utility for creating TTY dialog boxes
 dietlibc0.29 A libc optimized for small size
 diffstat1.45 a histogram view for patches
 diffutils2.8.1 The GNU collection of diff utilities
 disktype9 disk type identification utility
 dmapi2.2.8-1 the data management library for the xfs filesystem
 dosfstools2.11 Utilities to create and check MS-DOS filesystems
 dump0.4b41 The Linux Ext2 filesystem dump/restore utilities
 dvd+rwtools7.0 DVD+RW/+R/-R[W] utility for Linux
 e2fsprogs1.41.0 Utilities for use with the ext2 filesystem
 ed0.5 The GNU line editor
 eject2.1.5.20081104.6 Eject removable medias from their drives
 electricfence2.1.13-0.1 A debugger which detects memory allocation violations
 emacs21.4a The emacs text editor
 esound0.2.40 EsounD, the Enlightened Sound Daemon
 etcnet0.8.5 /etc/net Linux network configuration system
 ethtool6 Display or change ethernet card settings
 expat2.0.0 XML parser library
 faac1.24 a Freeware Advanced Audio Coder
 fam2.7.0 a filesystem support library
 fbset2.1 utility to show or change the settings of the frame buffer
*ffmpeg0.5 A complete audio and video stream library
 file5.03 File type identification utility
 findutils4.3.8 GNU find utils
 flac1.1.2 An Free Lossless Audio Codec
 flex2.5.35 fast lexical analyzer generator
 fribidi0.10.7 The Bidirectional Algorithm library
 gawk3.1.6 GNU Awk
 gcc2.95.3 3.2.3 3.3.6 3.4.6 4.0.4 4.1.2 4.2.4 4.3.3 The GNU Compiler Collection (aka GNU C Compiler)
 gdb6.8 The GNU Debugger
 gdbm1.8.3 The GNU database manager
 genromfs0.5.1 create a romfs image
*gettext0.16.1 GNU gettext
 glibc2.2.5 2.3.6 2.5.1 2.6.1 2.7 2.9 The GNU C library.
 gmp4.2.4 The GNU MP (multiple precision arithmetic) library
 gnupg1.4.10 The GNU Privacy Guard
 gnupg22.0.13 The GNU Privacy Guard
 gperf3.0.3 Gnu Perfect Hash Function
 gpgme1.1.8 GnuPG Made Easy
*gpm1.20.1 General Purpose Mouse (GPM) Daemon
 graphicsmagick1.3.5 command line tools for manipulating raster and vector images
 grep2.5.3 This is GNU grep, the "fastest grep in the west" (we hope).
 groff1.19.2 The GNU groff document formatting system
 gsl1.10 This is GSL, the GNU Scientific Library.
 gzip1.3.12 The gzip (GNU zip) compression utility
 hal0.5.11 Hardware Abstraction Layer
 hal-info20081013 Hardware Data for HAL
 hdparm9.15 get/set hard disk parameters
 hfsutils3.2.6 utilities to access Macintosh disks in Unix
 hotplug2004_09_23 User space part of the LINUX kernel hotplug support.
 howtos0000 The LDP HOWTOs and Mini-HOWTOs
 hpijs2.8.9 HP Linux InkJet Driver Project
 htdig3.2.0b6 WWW Search Engine Software
 hwinfo15.3 probe for hardware
 id-utils3.2 The GNU ID utilities
*ifhp3.5.20 general purpose print filter
 ifplugd0.28 A daemon to automatically configure a ethernet device on state change
 indent2.2.9 indent and transform a C program
 inkscape0.46 A GNOME SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphic) application
 installer001 ROCK Linux Operation System Installer
 iproute22.6.28 Tools for advanced Linux IP Configuration
 iptables1.4.1 IP packet filter administration
 ircii20040820 Internet Relay Chat system client
 irda-utils0.9.18 IrDA Utilities
*isdn4k-utilsv3.2p1 Bundled Utilities for configuring an using ISDN4Linux
 iw0.9.9 show / manipulate wireless devices and their configuration
 jfsutils1.1.12 JFS filesystem utilities
 joe3.5 Joe's Own Editor
 kaffeine0.8.5 A xine based media player for KDE3
 kbd1.12 Keyboard and console utilities for Linux
 kiss0.21 The Keep It Simple Shell
 ksymoops2.4.11 A utility to decode Linux kernel Oops
 lame3.97 LAME Ain't an Mp3 Encoder
 lcap0.0.6 Linux Kernel Capability Bounding Set Editor
 lcms1.15 Color management library
 leafnode1.11.2 An NNTP server for small leaf sites.
 less382 A paginator similar to "more" or "pg"
 libassuan1.0.5 An IPC library used by the next generation of GnuPG.
 libcap2.09 A library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities.
 libcddb1.2.1 CDDB server access library
 libcdio0.77 libcdio - Encapsulates CD-ROM reading and control
 libdaemon0.12 A lightweight C library which eases the writing of UNIX daemons
 libdca0.0.2 a free DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder
 libdvbpsi0.1.5 a library for decoding and generation of MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables
 libdvdcss1.2.9 implements the CSS decryption
 libdvdnav0.1.10 A DVD Navigator library
 libdvdread0.9.7 A library for accessing DVD drives
 libelf0.8.9 ELF object file access library.
 libevent1.3d An event notification library for event-driven network servers.
 libexif0.6.16 EXIF tag parsing library
 libgcrypt1.4.4 A general-purpose cryptographic library based on GnuPG.
 libgpg-error1.4 Library that defines common error values for GnuPG components.
 libidn0.6.12 A library for preparing internationalized strings.
 libjpeg6b The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software
 libksba1.0.2 KSBA is a library to access X.509 and CMS data structures.
 liblockfile1.06.1 NFS-safe locking library, includes dotlockfile program
 libmikmod3.1.10 library for sound files in various MOD formats
 libmng1.0.9 A library of functions for manipulating MNG imaage files.
 libmpeg20.4.0b The MPEG Library - version 2
 libmusicbrainz2.1.5 MusicBrainz Client Library
 libnfsidmap0.15 Library to help mapping id's, mainly for NFSv4.
 libogg1.1.3 The Ogg container format
 libpcap1.0.0 system-independent packet captureing library
 libpng1.2.22 Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Reference Library
 libsafe2.0-16 detection and protection against stack smashing attacks
 libsdl1.2.13 A cross-platform Graphic API
 libsdl_console2.1 a drop-down console window for SDL programs
 libsdl_gfx2.0.19 a graphics primitive toolkit for SDL
 libsdl_image1.2.7 a cross-platform Graphic API
 libsdl_mixer1.2.8 Simple Directmedia Layer - Mixer
 libsdl_net1.2.7 a simple cross-platform network library
 libsdl_perl1.20.0 the glue between SDL and perl
 libsdl_sound1.0.3 a library to decode popular audio formats
 libsdl_ttf2.0.9 a library to use TrueType fonts in SDL applications
 libsdlmm0.1.8 a C++ class-based wrapper for SDL
 libsigc++2.2.3 Typesafe Signal Framework for C++
 libtiff3.8.2 A library for reading and writing TIFF files
 libtool1.5.22 generic library support script
 libungif4.1.4 reading and writing gif images
 libusb1.0.6 OS independent USB device access
 libusb-compat- OS independent USB device access (0.1 legacy api)
 libvorbis1.1.2 The Vorbis audio compression codec
 libxml1.8.17 XML parser library for Gnome
 libxml22.6.32 XML parser library for Gnome
 libxslt1.1.24 A XSLT library
 linux2.4.34.4 Linux Kernel
 lm_sensors2.10.5 hardware monitoring via the SMBus
*lprng3.8.28 Next Generation Line-Printer-Spooler
 lrzsz0.12.20 X/Y/ZModem tools
 lshwB.02.06 Hardware Lister (lshw)
 lsof4.78 list open files
*ltrace0.5 library call tracer
 lvm1.0.8 Logical Volume Management
 lvm-wrapper1.0 LVM wrapper package
 lvm22.02.25 Logical Volume Management (Version 2)
 lynx2.8.6rel.5 Web Browser for the Terminal
 lzo2.02 A fast compression library
 m41.4.12 The m4 macro processor
 mad0.15.1b MPEG Audio Decoder
 mailutils2.0 GNU mail utilities
 make3.81 GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
 man1.6e format and display the on-line manual pages
 man-pages2.67 Over 1100 man pages for Linux.
 mbuffer20051006 buffer i/o operations and displays the throughput rate
 mdadm2.6.2 Raid Configuration Tool
 mdnsresponder107.6 Multicast DNS Responder
 mine0.25 The ROCK Linux Package Manager
 minicom2.1 friendly serial communication program
 miscfiles1.4.2 The GNU miscfiles distribution
 mktemp1.5 make temporary filename (unique)
 mmv1.01b move/copy/append/link multiple files by wildcard patterns.
 module-init-tools3.2.2 The programs needed to load and unload Linux Kernel Modules.
 modutils2.4.27 The programs needed to load and unload Linux Kernel Modules.
 mpfr2.3.2 multiple-precision floating-point computations with exact rounding library
 mplayer1.0rc2 A powerful movie player for Linux with subtitles and console support
 mtools3.9.10 utilities to directly access DOS disks in Unix
 mtr0.72 Matt's TraceRoute
 mutt1.5.18 The Mutt mail reader.
 mysql4.1.22 5.0.41 MySQL DB server
 nas1.7 A network-transparent, client/server audio transport system.
 ncftp3.2.2 A cool FTP client
*ncompress4.2.4 Ncompress (an improved version of compress 4.1).
 ncurses5.6 The ncurses (new curses) library
 neon0.28.4 A HTTP and WebDAV client library
 net-snmp5.4.1 NET-SNMP (UCD-SNMP)
 net-tools1.60 Configuration tools for Linux networking
 netkit-base0.17 netkit-base for Linux
 netkit-ftp0.17 netkit-ftp for Linux
 netkit-ntalk0.17 netkit-ntalk for Linux
 netkit-routed0.17 netkit-routed for Linux
 netkit-rsh0.17 netkit-rsh for Linux
 netkit-telnet0.17 netkit-telnet for Linux
 nfs-utils1.1.3 Linux NFS client and server utilities
 ntfsprogs1.13.1 NTFS filesystem libraries and utilities
 ntp4.2.0 Network Time Protocol (NTP) utilities
 nvi1.49 The vi (nvi) editor
 openexr1.2.2 OpenEXR is a high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format
 openldap2.3.43 An open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
 openssh4.7p1 An open re-implementation of the SSH package
*openssl0.9.8i Open Source toolkit for Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security
 oprofile0.9.3 System-wide profiler for Linux systems
 pam0.99.8.1 Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux
 parted1.8.7 GNU partition editor
 patch2.5.4 apply a diff file to an original
 patchutils0.2.31 A collection of tools that operate on patch files
 pciutils3.1.4 Linux PCI Utilities
 pcmciautils014 Userspace tools for PCMCIA support in the Linux 2.6 kernel.
 pcre7.1 Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
 pdksh5.2.14 The Public domain Korn shell
 perl55.8.8 The Perl programming language - Version 5
 php4.4.7 5.2.2 Scripting language especially suited for Web development.
 pidentd3.0.19 An RFC1413 identification server
 pine4.64 The Pine mail/news client and related programs
 pinentry0.7.5 pinentry TODO
 pkgconfig0.22 pkgconfig
 pmount0.9.13 mount removable devices as normal user
 policykit0.9 Policy framework for HAL
 popt1.7 The popt command line option parsing library
 portmap4 RPC portmapper
 postfix2.5.2 It is an alternative to the widely-used Sendmail program.
 postgresqlpostgresql-8.2.6 PostgreSQL Database Management System
 ppp2.4.4 The PPP user level programs
 pptp-linux1.7.1 Linux PPTP Client
 prelink20050610 Prelinking object files for faster application startup
 procinfo18 Procinfo, lsdev and socklist
 procmail3.22 The procmail mail processing program.
 procps3.2.7 Utilities for monitoring your system and processes on your system
 psmisc22.6 Little utilities that use the proc FS
 psutilsp17 PostScript Utilities
 pth2.0.6 GNU Pth - The GNU Portable Threads
 python2.6.2 The Python programming language
 qca1.0 Qt Cryptographic Architecture
 qca22.0.1 Qt Cryptographic Architecture, version 2
 qca2-cyrus-sasl2.0.0-beta3 OpenSSL plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture, version 2
 qca2-ossl2.0.0-beta3 OpenSSL plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture, version 2
 qca2-pkcs112.0.0-beta2 PKCS11 plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture, version 2
 quota3.14 Userlevel tools for Linux diskquotas
 rcs5.7 Revision Control System
 readline6.0 The Gnu Readline Library
 recode3.6 The 'recode' library converts files between character sets and usages.
 reiser4progs1.0.6 filesystem utilities for Reiser4
 reiserfsprogs3.6.20 filesystem utilities for ReiserFS
 rfc0000 Request for Comments (RFCs) - The Internet Standards and more
 rng-tools2 Random Number Generator Deamon for i810 boards
 rock-debug0000 The ROCK Linux Internal Debug Package
 rock-src0000 The ROCK Linux Source Code
 rockinitrd20080112 The new ROCK initrd code
 rocknet0000 ROCK Network system
 rockplug0.1.0 The ROCK hardware setup and hotplugging scripts.
*rpm4.1 The RedHat Package Manager
 rsync2.6.9 rsync is a replacement for rcp that has many more features.
 rtsp2007.02.20 A set of C++ libraries for multimedia streaming
 samba3.2.4 Samba the SMB fileserver/client
 sane-backends1.0.17 Scanner Access Now Easy - The backends
 screen4.0.3 screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation
 sed4.1.5 This is the GNU implementation of the POSIX stream editor 'sed'.
 sendmail8.14.1 electronic mail transport agent
 setserial2.17 Utility for doing run-time configuration of the serial driver.
 shadow4.0.14 Utils for managing users and (shadow) passwords
 shadowfsr36 various filesystem wrappers
 sharutils4.7 This is the set of GNU shar utilities.
 slang2.0.7 The S-Lang embedded interpreted language.
 smartmontools5.37 Control and monitor storage systems using the S.M.A.R.T system.
*softdog1.21 software watchdog timer
 stone0000 the ROCK Linux system configuration tool and installer
 stow1.3.3 local software package installation manager
 strace4.5.18 trace system calls and signals
 submaster105 a system for distributed software development(cmdline-clients)
 subversion1.6.3 A compelling replacement for CVS
 sudo1.6.9p17 sudo (superuser do)
 swig1.3.39 toolkit for connecting C and C++ programs with script languages
 sysfiles0000 System files
 sysfsutils2.1.0 utilities for the Linux kernel sysfs filesystem
 sysklogd1.5 Linux system logging utilities
 sysstat6.0.2 The sar and iostat commands for Linux
 sysvinit2.86 This is the Linux System V init.
 taglib1.5 Audio Meta-Data Library
 tar1.19 The GNU version of the tar (Tape - ARchiver) program.
 tcl8.4.15 The Tcl scripting language
 tcp_wrappers7.6 The TCP/IP daemon wrapper package
 tcpdump4.0.0 tcpdump is a tool for network monitoring and data acquisition.
 tcpflow0.21 tcpflow -- A TCP Flow Recorder (A program like 'tcpdump')
 tcsh6.15.00 C shell with file name completion and command line editing
 termcap1.3.1 terminal capability database
*tetex3.0 The teTeX distribution of LaTeX.
 texinfo4.9 The texinfo documentation system
 tftp-hpa0.48 A portable tftp server and client
 time1.7 measuring program resource use
 traceroute1.4a12 print the route packets take to network host
 tree1.5.1.1 list contents of directories in a tree-like format.
 tunepimp0.4.2 TunePimp Library
 udev141 A Userspace Implementation of devfs
 uml_utilities20060323 Utilities for user-mode linux kernel
 units1.86 unit conversion program
 unrar3.6.7 Extract, test and view RAR archives
 unzip5.52 UnZip is a PKUNZIP compatible extraction
 usbutils0.86 Linux USB Utilities
 util-linux2.12r Miscellaneous system utilities for Linux.
 util-linux-ng2.15.1 Miscellaneous system utilities for Linux.
 uudeview0.5.20 A powerful decoder for binary files
*valgrind3.4.1 memory debugger and profiler
 vim7.1 VI Improved
*vlc1.0.4 a cross-platform media player and streaming server
 vobcopy0.5.16 Copies DVD .vob files to harddisk.
 w3m0.5.1 WWW capable pager
 wdiff0.5 The 'word diff'
 wget1.11.4 GNU Wget, a non-interactive network retriever
 whois4.7.24 whois searches for an object in a RFC-812 database
 wireless-tools29 Configuration tools for Linux wireless networking
*workbone2.4 The WorkBone text-mode cd player
 wu-ftpd2.6.2 wu-ftpd is an ftp server for Un*x systems
 wv20.2.3 Microsoft Word file access library
 wxwidgets2.8.10 wxWidgets (formerly known as wxWindows)
 x26420100101-2245 a free H264/AVC encoder
 xfsdump2.2.46-1 backup/restore tool for xfs filesystems
 xfsprogs2.9.4-1 XFS filesystem utilities
 xine-lib1.1.16.2 An open source media player
 xine-ui0.99.5 A GUI for xine
 zip231 PKZIP compatible compression and file packaging utility
 zlib1.2.3 The zlib general purpose data compression library.
 zsh4.3.4 Z-Shell