Package Descriptions

About the package descriptions

This package descriptions are exported from the latest ROCK Linux development snapshot. Packages marked with an asteric (*) did not compile without errors in the last reference build and need some fixing.

Package List - Repository 'blindcoder'

 PackageVersionShort Description
 855resolution0.4 software to change the resolution of an available vbios mode
*acerhk0.5.35 A kernel driver for Acer Travelmate Launch Keys.
*arson0.9.8beta2 Arson
 bzflag2.0.8 a multiplayer 3D tank battle game
 catdoc0.94.2 Reads MS-Word file and prints out its content in plain text or TeX format.
 cgoban1.9.12 X11 Go-Client
 cryptsetup-luks1.0.4 Linux Unified Key Setup - Tool to encrypt filesystems
 dgamelaunch1.4.6 Nethack Game-Server
*dillo0.8.6 A small Web Browser (i.e. for handhelds)
*dovecot0.99.12 A secure IMAP server.
*dvdstyler1.4 A GUI frontend for DVD authoring.
 dvgrab2.0 commandine tool for IEEE1394 Camcorders
 exiftags1.00 A digital camera image meta-data (Exif) parser.
 ezipupdate3.0.11b7 client for various dynamic DNS services
 fetchmail6.3.1 remote-mail retrieval utility
 figlet2.2.2 FIGlet is a program for making large letters out of ordinary text
 gfingerpoken0.25 Marble-Clone
 gnugo3.6 plays the game of Go
 gpsdrive2.09 GPS Navigation Software
 hddtemp0.3-beta15 Shows current harddisk temperature
 i810switch0.6.5 tool to enable/disable the vga-out on i810 chipsets
*ircp0.3 a tool to send and receive files over IRDA
 irssi0.8.10a A ncurses IRC-Client
 joystick2006-05-06 Joystick utilities
 kanatest0.4.2 Drill program for Hiragana and Katakana
*kino0.9.0 A non-linear DV editor for IEEE1394-DV
 koules1.0.0 unique game where you have to move balls to the border
 ksimus0.3.6-2 0.3.6 0.3.6 0.3.6 A KDE tool for simulation and visualization of technical processes. Boolean elements for ksimus Elements used for data recording for ksimus Floating Point elements for ksimus
*ksubtile1.1-2 An SRT subtitle editor.
*kterm6.2.0 xterm with additional Japanese and Korean Support
 libavc13940.5.3 Programming interface for the 1394 AV/C command set
 libcdk5.0-20060507 Curses Development Kit
 libebml0.7.7 library for EBML
*libgli0.4 a toolkit to create OpenGL User Interfaces
 libmatroska0.8.1 library for the .mkv video format
 libraw13941.2.1 Library for direct IEEE 1394 bus access
 licq1.3.4 a Client for the ICQ-Instant-Messenger
*lua5.1.4 An extensible extension language
*mozilla_searchplugins0.1 Searchplugin for Mozilla
 mpgtx1.3.1 A command line MPEG audio/video toolbox.
 mrtg2.11.1 The Multi Router Traffic Grapher.
 nethack3.4.3 a single player dungeon exploration game
 newsfeed1.9 An aggregator for RSS feeds.
 privoxy3.0.6 A Web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities.
 rox-filer2.4.1 Drag-and-drop based filemanager.
 scmxx0.9.0 Console Tool for Siemens Mobile Phones
 tor0.1.2.18 An anonymous Internet communication system.
 tsocks1.8beta5 Transparent SOCKS proxying library
 txt2regex0.8 RegEx Wizard
 ucl1.03 A portable lossless data compression library.
 upx1.25 powerful executable packer
 upx22.03 powerful executable packer
 usbview1.0 USB device and topology viewer
*visualboyadvance1.7.2 a GameBoyAdvance emulator
 wakeonlan0.41 Remote powerup script for a PC with a Wake-on-Lan ethernet adapter.
 wesnoth1.2 A turn-based fantasy strategy game.
*widelandsb9half An animated, 3D real-time economic and military simulation game.
 xjdic2.4 Japanese - English Translater
 xmms-nas0.2 XMMS plugin to use NAS