Package Descriptions

About the package descriptions

This package descriptions are exported from the latest ROCK Linux development snapshot. Packages marked with an asteric (*) did not compile without errors in the last reference build and need some fixing.

Package List - Repository 'x11'

 PackageVersionShort Description
*esp-ghostscript8.15.2 PostScript and PDF language interpreter and previewer
 firefox3.5.6 A full-featured web brower
 fontconfig2.6.0 a library for font customization and configuration
 freefonts0.10 A collection of free fonts
 freetype2.3.4 TrueType font rendering library
 freetype11.3.1 TrueType font rendering library
*ghostscript8.57 PostScript and PDF language interpreter and previewer
 ghostscript-fonts8.11 The standard font collection for ghostscript
 gle3.1.0 GLE
 glitz0.5.6 OpenGL image compositing library
 glut3.7 OpenGL Utility Toolkit
*gnuplot4.2.5 The Gnuplot Plotting Utility
 grml-x20070603 The GRML X-Server Auto-Configuration Tool
 gv3.6.3 A PostScript and PDF previewer
 imagemagick6.3.4-10 The ImageMagick tools and libraries
 imlib1.9.15 Image loading and rendering library for X11R6
 lesstif0.95.0 An OpenSource OSF/Motif Clone
 libart_lgpl232.3.20 a library for high-performance 2D graphics
 libdrm2.3.0 Userspace interface to kernel DRM services
 libgd2.0.33 A graphics library for fast image creation
*linux-drm4.4-2005-11-20 Linux DRM Driver
 mesalib7.0.2 GL utility toolkit for the Mesa 3D graphics library The Mesa 3D graphics library demos for the Mesa 3D graphics library
 mkttfontdir0.1 generates the font information for TrueType fonts.
*mozilla1.7.13 The most full-featured and standarc compliant web browser
 netpbm10.33 collection of primitive graphics tools (converters, etc)
 qt3.3.8 4.5.2 The Qt widget library
 shared-mime-info0.51 The shared MIME database.
 synaptics0.14.6 A Synaptics Touchpad driver for XFree86.
 thunderbird2.0.0.21 A full-featured Mail Client
 tk8.4.14 The Tk toolkit
 transset2004-09-14 Simple program to toggle Translucency property
 xanim2801 multiformat animation/video/audio viewer for X
 xaw3d1.5E Three-D Athena Widgets (Xaw3d)
 xcompmgr2004-09-14 sample X compositing manager
 xdialog2.3.1 A utility for creating X11 dialog boxes
 xfree864.5.0 The XFree86 X11 Server and all base X11 files/programs
 xfree86-cyrillic-fonts4.4.99.16 Additional XFree86 cyrillic and romanian fonts
 xfree86-doc4.4.99.1 A full set of XFree86 documentation
 xscreensaver5.07 A collection of screen-savers and -lockers for the X window system.
*xterm225 A Terminal Emulator for the X Window System
 xv3.10a interactive image display for the X Window System