Package Descriptions

About the package descriptions

This package descriptions are exported from the latest ROCK Linux development snapshot. Packages marked with an asteric (*) did not compile without errors in the last reference build and need some fixing.

Package List - Repository 'avm'

 PackageVersionShort Description
 aalib1.4rc5 Aalib is a low level gfx library that works on any kind of terminal.
 amarok1.4.4 The audio player for KDE.
*asterisk-misdn0.1.1 Asterisk Channel Driver for mISDN-Driver incl. TE and NT support
*asterisk-oh3230.7.2-pre1 H.323 support for ASTERISK PBX using the OpenH323 library
 bacula1.33.3-16Feb04 Bacula - The Network Backup Solution
 bootsplash3.0.7 graphical boot process for the linux kernel
*btscanner2.1 a scanner for bluetooth devices
*btsco2005-06-07 bluetooth headset to alsa connector userspace tool
 clit1.8 convert .lit ebooks to html
*cone0.62 a text-based mail client based, in part, on Courier libraries.
 courier-authlib0.58 Courier authentication library
*crypto++5.6.0 C++ Crypto Library
 cthumb4.2 cthumb allows you to create themable web picture albums
 cudd2.4.1 Manipulate decision diagrams.
 driftnet0.1.6 Driftnet - capture images wandering by on the net
*dsniff2.4b1 dsniff - a network auditing suite
 eciadsl0.11 A Globespan-based USB ADSL modems driver.
*euler1.61.0 GTK+ based version of EULER for Unix / Linux systems
 evilwm0.99.23 A minimalist window manager for the X Window System.
 freenx0.4.2 A tool to serve remote X11/Unix, RFB/VNC and RDP/WTS applications.
*fwbuilder2.0.10 fwbuilder - a firewall builder
 gscanbus0.7.1 A tool for checking/displaying the firewire setup of a Linux system.
*gwenview1.3.1 An image viewer for KDE.
*hostap0.4.8 Host AP driver for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3 and WPA Supplicant
 hylafax4.3.0 A telecommunication system for UNIX systems
*ieee802111.0.3 ieee80211 subsystem for Linux
*ipw21001.1.2 Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 Driver for Linux
 irmanager0.1.16 Provides advanced control over your machine using an IRMan infrared receiver.
 ivman0.6.8 A flexible userspace HAL front-end for Linux.
*jhead2.5 A command line driven Exif header parser and manipulator.
 k9copy1.0.4-beta1 DVD copy program
*kahakai0.6.2 Kahakai is a fork of the Waimea window manager
*kchm1.0 chm (winhelp) viewer
 kdissert1.0.5 A mindmapping tool.
 kiax0.8.5-pre kde client for the Inter Asterisk eXchange protocol
 kim0.9.0 The KDE image menu
*kmobiletools0.4.3.1 A KDE application to manage mobile phones.
 kompose0.5.3 kde window organizer
*krusader1.70.0 Twin-panel file manger for KDE 3.
 ksendfax3.0.2 KDE interface to FAX-packages
 kvpnc0.8.4 A KDE frontend for various VPN clients.
 kxdocker0.39 An innovative docker for KDE.
 laptop-mode-tools1.26 Utilities for managing the laptop modeof kernels >2.6.6
 libiec618831.0.0 Third Generation Firewire DV Access Library
 libnids1.19 libnids - a e-component of network intrusion detection systems
 libpano122.7.0.14 panorama backend library
 libtommath0.36 number-theoretic multiple-precision integer library
 libvisual0.2.0 A middle layer library between audio visualisation plugins and applications.
 libvncserver0.9.1 A library to make writing a VNC server easy.
 log4cpp0.3.4b Log library for C++
*lphdisk0.9.1 utility for preparing a hibernation partition for APM Suspend-To-Disk
*lyx1.3.7 LyX is the first WYSIWYM document processor.
 mercurial1.4.1 A fast distributed SCM.
*misdn-user3.4 mISDN user libraries
 mkdvd2.13 Convert anything to a DVD
 mlmmj1.2.11 A mailing list manager.
 moto4lin0.3 A file manager and seem editor for Motorola P2K phones.
*mpack1.6 mime mail packing and unpacking tools
*mpg1230.59r mpeg3-format audio player
*mplayerplug-in3.45 mplayerplug-in is a browser plugin that uses mplayer to play digital media from websites.
 nagios2.0 A powerful network and system monitor.
*netperf2.2p14 Netperf measures the performance of many different types of networking.
 nettle1.9 a low-level cryptographic library
*nget0.27.1 An auto-resuming commandline nntp file grabber.
 normalize0.7.6 normalize is an audio file volume normalizer
*noteedit2.8.0 NoteEdit - Musical Score Editor
 nudelstats0.5 nudelstats - a irssi log beautifier
 nusmv2.3.1 New Symbolic Model Verifier
 nx-x111.5.0-112 An X11 server with integrated NX compression
 nxssh1.5.0-21 NX ssh client
 p3nfs5.19 tools for mounting a symbian phone over nfs
*parchive0.4 Parity Archive Volume Set Utilities
 pike7.6.66 a general purpose programming language
 prosper1.00.4 a feature-rich latex class to create nice slides
 pypanel2.4 PyPanel is a lightweight panel/taskbar for X11 window managers
 python-xlib0.12 The Python X Library
 qdvdauthor0.1.0 DVD Authoring GUI
 rexml3.1.2 rexml - a xml processor for ruby
 ripperx2.6.7 Yet another CD ripping application
 secpanel0.5.1 SecPanel serves as a graphical user interface for managing and running SSH
 ser2net2.3 ser2net provides a proxy that allows telnet/tcp connections to serial ports on a machine.
*sim-im0.9.3 A multi-protocol instant messenger program.
*slmodem2.9.10 Driver for SmartLink modems
 sloccount2.26 Source Lines of Code (SLOC) Counter
 smb4k0.6.9 An SMB share browser for KDE 3.x.x.
 snownews1.5.7 Text-Mode RSS Newsreader for Linux and Unix
 spandsp0.0.2pre25 DSP functions for telephony
 stress0.18.8 A tool to impose load on and stress test Unix-like systems.
 taper6.9b Tape backup and restore program with a friendly user interface
 timidity++2.13.2 TiMidity++ is a software synthesizer.
 tpb0.6.4 program to handle thinkpad special keys
*tpctl4.17 ThinkPad Configuration Tools for Linux
 transconnect1.3-Beta TransConnect allows you access to the internet through a HTTP proxy.
 tuxnes0.75 an emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
*vpnc0.3.3 client for cisco3000 VPN Concentrator
 webalizer2.01-10 The Webalizer is a fast, free web server log file analysis program.
 wmx6 wmx is a window manager for X. It's based on wm2.
 x11vnc0.7.2 A VNC server for real X displays.
*xautomation0.96 command line utility to send events to an X server using XTest extensions
 xfce44.2.3.2 a lightweight desktop environment
 xtris1.15 xtris is a multiplayer version of the classical game of Tetris
 yeahwm0.3.5 a h* window manager for X based on evilwm and aewm