Package Descriptions

About the package descriptions

This package descriptions are exported from the latest ROCK Linux development snapshot. Packages marked with an asteric (*) did not compile without errors in the last reference build and need some fixing.

Package List - Repository 'fake'

 PackageVersionShort Description
*amule2.1.3 A multiplatform fork of eMule client
*avidemux2.1.2 a graphical video editing tools
 bluez-hcidump1.31 the bluez hcidump tool
 bluez-libs3.1 the libraries needed for the bluez bluetooth utilities
 bluez-utils3.1 userspace utilities for the bluez bluetooth stack
 crackattack1.1.14 A fast-paced OpenGL Puzzle Game
 cups-pdf2.4.1 A CUPS Backend printing to PDFs
 dropbear0.48.1 a small and secure SSH server
 dvb-apps1.1.1-2004-12-16 Linux DVB API test/demo applications and utilities.
 dvbstream0.5 DVB streaming over LAN
 flite1.3 a small run-time speech synthesis engine
 freetds0.64 A open source implementation of Sybase's db-lib, ct-lib, and ODBC libraries
 gtkpod0.99.4 A graphical utility using gtk2 for managing your iPod
 gxemul0.4.0.1 A MIPS machine emulator
 kdebluetooth1.0_beta1 the KDE bluetooth framework
 libcdaudio0.99.12 libcdaudio - a cddb and cd playing library
 libfame0.9.1 libfame is a video encoding library.
 libgpod0.3.2 a library to access the iPod
*lirc0.8.0 Linux Infrared Remote Control
 longrun0.9 transmeta crusoe cpu energy management userspace utility
 minisip0.7 a small sip client
 mod_jk1.2.15 apache2 <-> tomcat AJP13 connector
 mod_jk22.0.4 apache2 <-> tomcat AJP13 connector
*mythtv0.19 a feature-rich homebrew PVR project
*mythtv-plugins0.19 the default plugin-collection for MythTV
 mythtv-themes0.19 the additional theme-collection for MythTV
 pearpc0.4.0 A PowerPC architecture emulator
 pseudonative-daemon0.1 The Pseudonative Daemon for pseudocross-building ROCK Linux
 rsynth2.0 The rsynth mini-text-to-speech system
 scons0.96.92 a multi-platform build tool written in python
 sipsak0.9.6 a small tool for developers and administrators of SIP applications
 sjog0.6 nice configurable jogdial menu with brightness and volume control for X
 sonypid1.9.1 utility for vaio computers, that makes the jogdial availible in X
 speex1.1.12 a free speech compression codec (stable branch)
 spicctrl1.9 sony vaio spic controller userland utility (regulate brightness, etc.)
 spidermonkey1.5 Mozilla's C implementation of JavaScript
 squashfs-tools3.2-r2 a compressed read-only filesystem for Linux
 syncpod0.68 syncs a local folder with your ipod
 synergy1.3.1 multi-OS mouse and display sharing
 wmacpi2.1rc1 wmacpi is a windowmanager dockapp that shows the battery status using acpi
 x2x1.30-beta use your mouse and keyboard on remote x displays
*xmame0.106 the Unix/X11 ports of the MAME and MESS projects
*xmltv0.5.43 XMLTV - TV Listing grabber
 xvattr1.3 utility for getting and setting Xv attributes
 zsnes1.51 a Super Nintendo emulator