Package Descriptions

About the package descriptions

This package descriptions are exported from the latest ROCK Linux development snapshot. Packages marked with an asteric (*) did not compile without errors in the last reference build and need some fixing.

Package List - Repository 'clifford'

 PackageVersionShort Description
 aop0.6 Ambassador of Pain
 arping2.08 sending arp and/or ip pings to a given host
 avr-binutils2.19.1 Cross binutils for AVR microcontroller
 avr-gcc4.4.1 Cross compiler for AVR microcontroller
 avr-libc1.6.7 A C library for AVR microcontrollers
 bacterium0.2.100 Virtual Analogue Matrix Synthesizer
 calltree2.3 a static call tree generator for C programs
 csync21.34 cluster synchronisation tool, 2nd generation
 ddclient3.7.3 Dynamic DNS Client
 drbd70.7.24 Distributed Replicated Block Device
 fann2.0.0 FANN - Fast Artificial Neural Network Library
 fltk1.1.3 FLTK (pronounced "fulltick")
 galan0.2.14 Graphical Audio Language
 heartbeat2.1.3 Heartbeat subsystem for High-Availability Linux
 hercules3.05 The Hercules System/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture Emulator
 iverilog0.8.6 Icarus Verilog
 jed0.99-18 The JED Editor
*lmms0.3.0 Linux MultiMedia Studio
 madwifi0.9.4 Atheros Wireless LAN Drivers
 magicpoint1.13a Magicpoint
 mixmagic0.1.7 MixMagic
 pspresent1.3 display full-screen PostScript presentations
 simh3.8-0 a highly portable, multi-system simulator
 soundtracker0.6.8 SoundTracker
*spiralsynthmodular0.2.2a Spiral Synth Modular
*spl1.0pre6 The SPL Programming Language
 sqlite2.8.17 An Embeddable SQL Database Engine (version 2)
 sqlite33.6.4 An Embeddable SQL Database Engine (version 3)
 sweep0.9.2 Sweep
 tdb1.0.6 Tdb
*tse30.3.1 The TSE3 Library
 xmms1.2.10 X Mult-Media System
 xmp2.0.5pre3 XMP