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DVD copy program

 K9Copy is a small utility which allows the copy of DVD on Linux.
 The DVD video stream is compressed by the program Vamps.
 1. Copy without menus :
       In this case, dvdauthor is used to create a new DVD structure. It is
 possible to choose the order in which the video sequences are played.
 2. Copy with menus :
    As dvdauthor does not make it possible to integrate the original
 menus, K9Copy reproduces the original structure of the DVD. The navigation
 packs as well as IFO files are modified to point on the compressed MPEG

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Author: Unknown
Maintainer: Andreas V. 'netrunner' Meier <>

License: OpenSource
Status: Beta
Version: 1.0.4-beta1

Download: k9copy-1.0.4-beta1.tar.gz

Buildtime: 16881 (5) seconds (on reference hardware)
Buildtime: 16209 (9) seconds (on reference hardware)
Package Size: 0.76 MB, 26 files

Dependencies: 00-dirtree acl acl:dev applewmproto applewmproto:dev attr attr:dev
Dependencies: autoconf bash2 binutils bzip2 coreutils cups cvm diffutils expat
Dependencies: expat:dev fam fam:dev findutils fontconfig fontconfig:dev freetype
Dependencies: freetype:dev gawk gcc42 gcc42:dev gettext glibc26 glibc26:dev
Dependencies: grep hicolor-icon-theme imake kdebase kdelibs kdelibs:dev kdetv
Dependencies: libart_lgpl23 libart_lgpl23:dev libdvdcss libdvdcss:dev libdvdread
Dependencies: libdvdread:dev libice libice:dev libidn libidn:dev libjpeg libpng
Dependencies: libpng:dev libsm libsm:dev libx11 libx11:dev libxau libxau:dev libxcb
Dependencies: libxcb:dev libxcursor libxcursor:dev libxdmcp libxdmcp:dev libxext
Dependencies: libxext:dev libxfixes libxfixes:dev libxft libxft:dev libxinerama
Dependencies: libxinerama:dev libxmu libxmu:dev libxrandr libxrandr:dev libxrender
Dependencies: libxrender:dev libxt libxt:dev linux26-headers:dev ltrace m4 make
Dependencies: mesalib mktemp nas net-tools perl5 qt33 qt33:dev sed sysfiles tar
Dependencies: util-linux xmame xorg-cf-files xproto:dev zlib zlib:dev

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