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JavaTM 2 Platform Standard Edition Development Kit 1.4.2

 Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) provides a complete applications 
 environment for a wide range of computer systems. It also serves as the
 foundation for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Java Web
 The J2SE Runtime Environment (JRE) provides all the software required to 
 run Java applets and applications. 
 The J2SE Development Kit (JDK) contains everything that is in the JRE, as 
 well as tools for developing Java applets and applications.

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Author: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Maintainer: Stefan Fiedler <>

License: Commercial
Status: Stable
Version: 1.4.2_11

Download: j2sdk-1_4_2_11-linux-i586.bin

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