Package description for 'sysklogd'

Linux system logging utilities

 Sysklogd  provides two system utilities which provide support for system
 logging and kernel message trapping.  Support of both internet and unix
 domain sockets enables this utility package to support both local and remote

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Author: Greg Wettstein <>
Maintainer: Clifford Wolf <>

License: GPL
Status: Stable
Version: 1.5

Download: sysklogd-1.5.tar.gz

Buildtime: 1687 (3) seconds (on reference hardware)
Buildtime: 2338 (9) seconds (on reference hardware)
Package Size: 0.12 MB, 24 files

Dependencies: 00-dirtree bash2 binutils bzip2 coreutils cvm findutils gawk gcc42
Dependencies: gcc42:dev glibc26 glibc26:dev grep linux26-headers:dev ltrace m4
Dependencies: make mktemp patch sed sysfiles tar xmame

ROCK Sources:  arch-alpha-ksymmod.patchlogrotate.cronsysklogd.cachesysklogd.confsysklogd.descsysklogd.initsyslog.conf