Package description for 'xvid'

XviD is for high performance and high quality MPEG-4 video de-/encoding

 Decodes and encodes DivX compatible Bitstreams. XviD is faster and more
 advancend than the commercial de-/encoder. XviD is an ISO MPEG-4
 compliant video codec. It's no product, it's an open source project which is
 developed and maintained by lots of people from all over the world.

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Author: Christoph Lampert <>
Author: Michael Militzer <>
Author: Peter Ross <>
Maintainer: Tilmann Bitterberg <>

License: OpenSource
Status: Beta
Version: 1.1.0

Download: xvidcore-1.1.0.tar.bz2

Buildtime: 4881 (5) seconds (on reference hardware)
Buildtime: 5437 (9) seconds (on reference hardware)
Package Size: 0.65 MB, 7 files

Dependencies: 00-dirtree bash2 binutils bzip2 coreutils cvm diffutils findutils
Dependencies: gawk gcc42 gcc42:dev glibc26 glibc26:dev grep linux26-headers:dev
Dependencies: ltrace make mktemp nasm net-tools sed sysfiles tar util-linux xmame

ROCK Sources:  xvid.cachexvid.confxvid.desc